Hat Size Guide - Determining Your Correct Hat Size

Hat Size Guide - Determining Your Correct Hat Size


Hat Sizing

If you’re purchasing a new hat, it’s always important to obtain the correct size that fits your head accurately and comfortably. One of the most common mistakes people sometimes make when buying a new hat is overthinking the idea that it might blow off in the wind. This can often lead to purchasing a hat that can be, strictly speaking, too small for them. The fact that the hat fits quite tightly when it’s first tried on will often lead to the assumption that it won’t blow off. Firstly, if the hat is too small, it will likely sit higher on the head; in other words, not sitting down far enough. This can mean it might be even more likely to blow off on a windy day. Secondly, it’s worth noting that no matter how well any hat fits; they can still blow off in the wind regardless. Another drawback with wearing hats that fit too tightly is that they can quickly become uncomfortable to wear. It may well feel acceptable when the hat is first tried on, but after a short period of time it will more than likely start to feel overly tight and too uncomfortable to continue wearing it.

Although heads come in different shapes and sizes, most adult head sizes fit into fairly uniform categories from small through to XXL. These sizing categories typically increase from smallest to largest in two-centimetre increments, i.e. 55cm, 57cm, 59cm, etc. Many of the hats featured in our range are size-adjustable which allows them to be adaptable enough to conform to the individual wearer’s head size, but it’s still important to ensure as best as possible that the correct size is established from the outset. If you’re unable to physically try a hat on in-store, it is recommended that you determine your head size in advance if you are considering purchasing online.

Determining Your Hat Size

So, how do you correctly establish your head size? The most common method is to place a flexible tape measure (also known as tailor’s tape) around your head approximately 2-3 centimetres above your eyebrows - or where the hat would normally sit on your head. There is no set rule which specifically states how high up on the forehead a hat should be worn (it’s typically down to personal preference at the end of the day), but to be as accurate as possible when it comes to sizing correctly, it’s recommended that the hat be positioned approximately 2.5 centimetres above the eyebrows then pinched down at the back of your head so it grips without feeling too tight or overly snug. Therefore, the tape measure should ideally be placed just below horizontal at the rear of your head. Repeat the procedure to ensure that your measurements are accurate then add on one centimetre. Use this Size Guide to then determine which size category you fall into, i.e. small, medium, large etc.

Need more help? There are numerous resources and additional information online to further assist with determining your head size. Alternatively, contact us directly at sales@hatworld.com.au





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